Winter Wonderland Party

Birthday parties for kids this time of year can be tough because the weather doesn’t really allow for playing outside. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fun events kids of all ages will enjoy.

winter wonderland

  1. Invitation: Snowmen with the addition of a face to warm your heart available on Etsy.
  2. Decor: Blue and White paper pom poms from Martha Stewart Crafts
  3. Snacks: Hot cocoa bar ideas at The Bride and Groom blog
  4. Snacks: Bring a little snow indoors with snowball cake pops from Maple Spice
  5. Favors: mini felt mittens from Beau Coup

Cafe Curtains

For several months, we’ve had naked window in the breakfast area next to a table and chairs so stained, they desperately needed to be recovered. I had a streak of bravery or psychosis, however you want to look at it, and decided to recover the chairs and make curtains.

flowered fabric

When I started removing layers of fabric on the chairs, I found some particularly poor previous choices, like this one.

tweed fabric
Of course, none of my choices were as bad as the original fabric on the chairs.
recovered chair

Luckily, a simple staple gun and new fabric can improve even the ugliest of chairs.

sewing machine

I hadn't used a sewing machine since 8th grade Home Economics. Let's just say the bobbin and I are not on speaking terms.

cafe curtains

Fortunately, cafe curtains are essentially sewing a long hem. They turned out not nearly as terrible as I feared.

Champagne: Favorite Things

champagne flutesLike so many, we rang in the 2011 with a little bubbly. But you don’t have to pop a cork to enjoy champagne this year.


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk champagne before breakfast before. With breakfast on several occasions, but never before. ~Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  2. A Time for Toasts dress from ModCloth
  3. Vintage Lace from Crystal Clover
  4. Scandall shoe by Steve Madden
  5. Hip Hop Champagne Truffles by Vosages
  6. Beautiful Accents shown on Green Wedding Shoes

Paper Crane Art

One of our neighbors when I was a kid was a Japanese woman who had married an American serviceman and immigrated to the US. In many ways, she kept a Japanese home, right there in Russellville, Arkansas. I found her fascinating. I liked to hang out at her house. She had a son, who had recently gone to college, so a little girl hanging around was fun for her. She taught me some Japanese and origami. I can still count to 10 in Japanese, but that’s about all I retained. However, even now, when I’m on a long conference call or something, I’ll catch myself folding paper.

paper craneRecently, I made several planners from vintage books. I wanted to do something with the pages I gutted from them. I remembered I knew how to make paper cranes.

99 paper cranes

In case you were wondering, this is what 99 paper cranes look like.

paper crane art

I hung them in the guest bedroom with a large frame to create 3 dimensional art.

A Star is Born Party

When a friend was expecting her second baby, she wasn’t comfortable with a traditional shower. However, her friends still wanted to celebrate. We compromised with a books and movies shower with the theme: A Star is Born! Everyone had a great time, and Mom got lots of entertainment for both kids.

  1. Invitations: The invitations from Special Event Ticketing were printed as event tickets instructing guests to bring their favorite children’s books or movies.
  2. Decor: A local movie rental store gave us movie posters they were about to throw out. We used kid friendly ones, like Ramona and Beezus.
  3. Decor: Guests entered on red carpet from PartyCheap.
  4. Food: We served movie candy and popcorn.
  5. Favors: With all this glitz and glamor, guests needed star-shaped sunglasses from Oriental Trading Company.

Christmas Thank You Notes

I usually order some photo cards with a good photo of the kid and the tree to send to family and friends to say thanks for the loot. (Of course, we also appreciate the time they spent with us) This year, I decided to make them a little more personal by actually making them.

craft paper

I take sick pleasure using my husband's engineering ruler to craft.

birdcage envelope

This may be the prettiest envelope I've made.

more crafted cards

I made five different variations of cards and envelopes.

craft paper cards

Since it's craft paper instead of photo paper, it's easier to write personalized notes and for Monkey Boy to sign his name.

Thank you card pic

But I just can't resist a cute pic in the card.

Unique Christmas Trees: Favorite Things

We have pretty traditional Christmas decorations at our house. Much of it was passed down or purchased to look like the holidays we remember as a kids. We like it that way. I have good memories of lying side by side with my sister with our heads under the tree looking up at the lights.

But I have a streak of weirdness in me that can’t help but love looking at unique trees.

unique christmas trees

  1. This tree is reportedly from the University of Aalborg Library in Denmark. The book nerd in me loves it.
  2. Sometimes when it’s been gray and cold long enough, a little tropical daydreaming is exactly what you need. Amazon can help you get your piece of paradise by the palm tree light.
  3. As the ad at Treetopia states, “If it’s good enough for Molly Ringwald…”
  4. Jane Schouten is an amazing artist. She made this “tree” from found objects. What a beautiful mind to make such a thing.
  5. I do not understand why people like upside down Christmas trees, but they are everywhere, including the Christmas Tree Market. To each his own, I suppose.

Whatever kind of tree you have in your home, I wish you a Merry Christmas to you and yours.