Paper Crane Art

One of our neighbors when I was a kid was a Japanese woman who had married an American serviceman and immigrated to the US. In many ways, she kept a Japanese home, right there in Russellville, Arkansas. I found her fascinating. I liked to hang out at her house. She had a son, who had recently gone to college, so a little girl hanging around was fun for her. She taught me some Japanese and origami. I can still count to 10 in Japanese, but that’s about all I retained. However, even now, when I’m on a long conference call or something, I’ll catch myself folding paper.

paper craneRecently, I made several planners from vintage books. I wanted to do something with the pages I gutted from them. I remembered I knew how to make paper cranes.

99 paper cranes

In case you were wondering, this is what 99 paper cranes look like.

paper crane art

I hung them in the guest bedroom with a large frame to create 3 dimensional art.


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