Cupcakes and Champagne

Last year, my friend got married right after her birthday. This year, she celebrated her birthday and anniversary while expecting her first child. While this is all terribly exciting, pregnancy does tend dampen any plans for toasts, if you’re being all responsible and stuff. This meant a slight change of plans for the cupcakes and champagne birthday treat I previously planned.

cupcakes on Kavanaugh box
There is a delightful cupcakery in town. This brown label has come to symbolize happiness in a box.
Cook's champagne bottle
The day of the wedding, I ran a couple of last-minute errands. I swung by a drive-thru liquor store and asked for a bottle of champagne, “just whatever.” He sold me this. It was $4. We drank it while getting ready. It’s a wonder we didn’t get sick.
bottle lamp

I made the bottle into a lamp with a simple kit

cupcake label lamp shade

I got labels from the cupcakery to cover the lamp shade.

champagne bottle lamp

Cupcakes and Champagne lamp! It's not quite the same as the real thing, but it lasts longer.


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