Cafe Curtains

For several months, we’ve had naked window in the breakfast area next to a table and chairs so stained, they desperately needed to be recovered. I had a streak of bravery or psychosis, however you want to look at it, and decided to recover the chairs and make curtains.

flowered fabric

When I started removing layers of fabric on the chairs, I found some particularly poor previous choices, like this one.

tweed fabric
Of course, none of my choices were as bad as the original fabric on the chairs.
recovered chair

Luckily, a simple staple gun and new fabric can improve even the ugliest of chairs.

sewing machine

I hadn't used a sewing machine since 8th grade Home Economics. Let's just say the bobbin and I are not on speaking terms.

cafe curtains

Fortunately, cafe curtains are essentially sewing a long hem. They turned out not nearly as terrible as I feared.


2 responses to “Cafe Curtains

  1. Those look great. Stripes can be a booger and yours look perfectly straight. So proud right now.

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