Christmas Card Garland

overfull desk drawer

This is one of the desk drawers in the rolltop. It's been filled with store bought Christmas cards for 10 years. They just take up space and annoy me when I see them there.

cut up cards

I used a plastic cup as a pattern to cut circles out of two boxes of the cards.


I wanted this to coordinate with our stocking hangers, which spell: PEACE & JOY.

christmas card garland

Christmas card garland

It makes me irrationally happy to actually use these old cards.


2 responses to “Christmas Card Garland

  1. Hey I have those!
    I like that they aren’t traditionally Christmas. Even if that’s what their first role in this world was.
    I like that they’re simple/happy. Not pretentious or extra frills. Just there to make someone happy.

  2. So pretty. So simple. Love.

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