Breakfast at Tiffanys party

One of my best friends adores Audrey Hepburn. Don’t we all? There was no better theme for her baby shower than Breakfast at Tiffanys. We served brunch with champagne punch. However, no one smoked and there was no cat. Times have changed a bit, but not elegance.

This theme could also be easily reconfigured for a bridal shower. Timeless beauty is the same for brides or babies.

breakfast at tiffanys brunch

  • The invitations from docmilo set the tone beautifully.
  • We found the perfect “Tiffany” party favor boxes at Sophie’s Favors.
  • The favors can be found at any party store: “diamond” rings and “pearl” necklaces.
  • The Tiffany box petit fours were made by a fabulous woman named Kelli Marks. She bakes; she decorates; she rocks.

2 responses to “Breakfast at Tiffanys party

  1. Such a fun theme! For some reason my creativity doesn’t flow in that direction.

  2. awesomeness in that signature blue…

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