Advent Wreath

Yesterday was the first day of the Advent. My husband and I didn’t grow up observing the liturgical calendar, but we decided we wanted to teach our son some of the more traditional observances of Christmas, starting with an Advent Wreath.

advent wreathThere’s no delicate way to write this: most Advent Wreaths I’ve seen are tacky. I don’t like the look of them. Then a friend sent me a link to an advent wreath on City Cradle Design. I realized I could make a “wreath” that worked esthetically in my house and was actually pretty.

bottle advent wreath

I painted bottles I pulled from the recycle bin.

apothecary labels

I found blank apothecary labels at I filled in with each candle symbolized.

bottle advent wreath

I used grapevine and yarn balls as substitutes for greenery.

Advent table

Our advent table. More on the Jesse Tree on the right to come.


3 responses to “Advent Wreath

  1. When I saw this on yesterday’s post, I commented on what a great Advent Wreath you had cooked up. Love it!

  2. And by commented, I mean … out loud, to my husband. Not in bits and bops on the computer 🙂

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