Yellow: Favorite Things

yellow dress


This spring, I bought a yellow dress. The color spoke to me. It was bright, cheery and hopeful.

The leaves are turning. Fall has finally reached us. I can’t help myself; the color still speaks to me.

It will get mixed in the rest of the season with orange and red, which can be very nice. But the color of sunshine can still stand on its own and give your day a little pop.

yellow collage

  1. An understated cupcake garland shown at Dog N’ Bird can dress up a casual wedding.
  2. Katie Grace Designs shows how You Are My Sunshine makes a bright birthday party theme.
  3. A search of flea markets or antique stores will score some old metal patio chairs to be repainted, or Lowe’s is selling some vintage looks. No sandblaster required.
  4. How much do I love how yellow beauty shown at Three Men and a Lady brightens this room year round with pure happiness?

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