Goodnight Moon Party

One of our favorite bedtime stories is Goodnight Moon. The classic by Margaret Wise Brown never fails to bring a smile to our face and peace to the room. It also makes the perfect theme for a children’s party.

  1. Decorations: star garland
  2. Goodnight Moon
  3. Invitations: Cow Jumped Over the Moon
  4. Cake from Goodnight Moon party thrown by English Paper Company
  5. Favors: red mittens
  6. Decorations: moon balloon

Use green tablecloths, red balloons and plush bunnies, kittens and 3 bears for added touches at a party sure to give your guests sweet dreams.


3 responses to “Goodnight Moon Party

  1. Love this party idea! GM is a classic for good reason.

  2. I’m jealous of this trait (in a way) I wish I had the ability to think outside the box as well and to make what I wanted. Bravo.

  3. i wanted to use Goodnight Moon for thing2’s room but i couldn’t get past the garish red/green themed colors. we went with the same ol bear (pooh) instead…

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