Give Thanks

I love Christmas cards. What’s not to love about mailing cardboard with a cute picture of your kid, family, dog or hamster to 250 of your closet friends to wish them a great joy in a season of madness? It’s about the only part of Christmas I like. Thanksgiving is really my favorite holiday. Sadly, Thanksgiving is mostly overlooked: too easily lost in the shuffle between the Halloween candy grab and the Christmas toy grab.

This year I’ve decided to do a little something about that. I’ve got some swell people in my life. What better time of year to tell them than Thanksgiving what a blessing they are? I took a page from Christmas and brought it to Thanksgiving.

ruler and craft paper

A quick look around DIY blogs explains how to make your own envelopes.

folded craft paper

I had extra fall-themed craft paper from a Oktoberfest birthday party.

craft paper envelopes

The variety of patterns turned into really lovely envelopes.

Thanksgiving card

A reminder of what a blessing my friends are to me.


4 responses to “Give Thanks

  1. Love this idea! I have a friend who sends out cards the week college football starts! It’s fun to think about spreading out the joy instead of cramming it all into December!

  2. Ooh I like it.

    Every once in a while if I am reminded of someone, I will send them a little note telling them how they inspired me.

    Nice envelopes.

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